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We celebrate 2 years with a new website

How did we get here?

We have gone through our first baby steps in 2018 when we sent our first invoices, got our bank account, and hired our first accountant. There was plenty to learn and plenty to figure out. Luckily, clients were coming in by word of mouth and our work brought in one or two new clients every month.

In the following year 2019, we stepped up our game with bigger investments in technology, we have found our first office space in Coworking Plus, and learned how to deliver even better service. We had a chance to work on bigger collaborative projects and we have developed a "Content Subscription" service for long term collaborations.

2020 feels like a ride on the rollercoaster. We were fortunate to be equipped with high-quality live-streaming so we were able to help event organizers and educators to find a new way to connect with audience trough online workshops. We have now launched our new website along with the "30days 30projects" initiative, which we hope will help local businesses to communicate important messages in the times of crisis.

Our showreel

What is next?

We are going to focus on:

  • Getting to know new clients trough #30days30projects

  • Creating awesome live-streams for clients

  • Growing our subscriber base

We are looking forward to the next challenges and we can't wait to produce new masterpieces for our clients.

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